About Us

Our story begins in 1994, when David D. Barton applied for and was issued a patent for the Access Plug Flange. This was a product that would set a new standard for inspection plugs, dramatically improving safety and reliability in non-destructive testing (NDT). In the time since then, Access Plug Flange, Inc., and our sister company, Southern Stud Weld, Inc., have grown into international manufacturers and providers of a wide range of standard-setting specialized products for customers who conduct NDT processes involving insulated and non-insulated pipe and vessels.

More specifically, APF specializes in inspection ports designed to allow you to match your 2 1/2" APF Inspection Port Assembly Product inspection plugs to any process temperature, ranging from cryogenic temperatures as low as -185 F to the high heat of 1200 F. This range is accounted for with David D. Barton's two additional patents: the heat check and the cold check versions of the Access Plug Flange.

It is under Mr. Barton's guidance that Access Plug Flange, Inc., and Southern Stud Weld, Inc., have grown from two start-ups into worldwide corporations in their respective fields. This is because of the constant commitment to providing quality products at fair prices, excellent service, and building teams of individuals who hold values such as quality, honest and integrity close to their hearts. We are a stable, dependable company that will be there for you when you need us. Peruse our site and contact us today to speak with one of us about our quality products and their inherent advantages.