Inspection Port Accessories: Gaskets & Extension Sleeves


When working with 1 1/4" corrugated jacketing, APF offers a secure and permanent solution to mount an inspection port WITHOUT the need to flatten the ridges or install a separate transition sheet first. Simply install our transition gasket under the flange of the inspection port assembly during the installation procedure and secure in place with a mastic or silicone.



For use when you have a need to separate the insulation material from the inspector. Whether its keeping the inspector safe from insulation material such as asbestos or if you just want to prevent accidental wall damage to the insulation, our extention sleeve is the simpliest answer to your problem.

APF has the only inspection port on the market that was designed specifically to accomodate an extention sleeve when needed.  As shown in the graphic below, during the installation process, the extention sleeve is slipped over the center draw of our flange and inserted into the inspection chamber. The silicone that is applied under the flange during installation bonds the extention sleeve to the flange for a permanent solution to your material separation needs.