Cryogenic Plug

Keep unwanted moisture from freezing your facility’s cryogenic production capability while maintaining the ability to ensure pipe integrity with our patented Cold Check inspection port.

The port creates a standardized, repeatable inspection location underneath jacketing and insulation for pipe surface non-destructive testing without risking ice build-up in cryogenic applications by preserving the vapor barrier. The Cold Check plug is ideal for applications with temperatures between ambient and -185 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Cold Check inspection port displaces air from the chamber using a six-inch aluminum extension sleeve, silicone saddle gasket and closed-cell Ethafoam spacer. Our silicone inspection plugs maintain seal integrity under expansion and contraction. This is not the case with plugs made of ethylene propylene diene monomer, or EDPM. Those ports are prone to failure in extreme temperatures.

Upon inspection port installation, inspectors can perform visual and mechanical pipe inspections repeatedly without removing and replacing insulation and jacketing. A durable safety line connects the Cold Check inspection port with its adjoining plug to avoid lost time.

We are the only manufacturer offering inspection ports designed for online cryogenic applications.

How our cryogenic plug works

• A six-inch extensive sleeve, silicone saddle gasket and foam insert preserve vapor barrier integrity
• Port has a 2-1/2” diameter
• Silicone inspection plugs adapt to expansion and contraction, stretching and flexing to maintain a seal
• Strengthen ice build-up prevention by applying propylene glycol antifreeze, which is not hazardous

Cryogenic port keeps work moving

• Our Cold Check inspection plug is the only application capable of displacing air for cryogenic applications
• Once installed, the plug allows inspectors to access to pipe-surface inspection areas without removing and reinstalling insulation and jacketing material
• No danger of ice build-up or damming when using port, which bolsters downstream performance
• A durable safety line connects the Cold Check inspection port with its adjoining plug, ensuring it will not go missing
• The cryogenic plug is patented

Cold Check inspection plug installation benefits

• No special tools or hot-work permits are required for field installations
• Work crews at several locations can install Access Plug Flanges at the same time
• Our inspection ports strengthen inspection results while reducing workplace hazards

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