Foam in Place Inspection Port

Foam in Place

At Access Plug Flange, Inc., we pride ourselves on listening to our customers' needs and being flexible enough to help provide solutions when other can't. Over the years, APF has designed inspection ports for specialized applications and worked with numerous customers to provide solutions that have become industry standards today.

As shown in the image below, one such application is the foam-in-place application.

Our customer had a need for an inspection port to be mounted on a tank that was insulated with a polyurethane spray on insulation without any jacketing. APF designed what we call the Flanged Spool Inspection Port Assembly (FS-1), nicknamed the 'spool'. It is a double flanged inspection port that can be mounted to the tank surface using either silicone or mastic and then have the polyurethane sprayed around it. Once the foam hardens, a permanent inspection hole was created giving the customer a cost-effective solution for future inspections.

The FS-1 can be configured to almost any thickness since we cut the sleeve prior to press fittting the flanges to it. Once the flanges have been press fitted to the sleeve, a permanent solution is created.

The FS-1 comes standard in the 2 1/2", 500°F configuration but other configurations can be designed around your needs. Any of our inspection ports can be configured to work with this application. Click here to see the Installation Video

The FS-1 flanged spool inspection port carries APF's technology of the most reliable sealing mechanism on the market today. (see Inspection Ports page Advantages section)

Please contact us with your requirements today and let us show you how we can help solve your inspection port needs.