Fugitive Emissions Monitoring Inspection Ports

Fugitive Emissions

With need to monitor emisions at insulated flange type connections for pipelines, valves, and equipment; APF offers an inspection port that helps monitor for fugitive emissions, 33°F to 500°F, on these high capital control connections.

Fugitive emission inspection port carries APF's technology as a most insulation effective, maximum inspection area, and most reliable sealing mechanism on the market (see Inspection Ports page Advantages section).   

RED FM inspection port has extended hours of safe production operations for on-surface applications across a variety of industries such as petrochemical, refining, food processing, and medical. 

red fem


  • Outer seal 1, silicone under flange primary holding and sealant to jacketing
  • Outer seal 2, red silicone rubber plug for weather tight barrier
  • Foam spacer maintains thermal efficiency


  • For insulated flange type pipe connections and valves.
  • Attaches to pipe jacketing; silicone under flange and red silicone plug are barriers for fugitive emissions.
  • Foam spacer maintains thermal efficiency.
  • Process temperature range 33°F to 500°F
  • Large silicone seal area under flange eliminates for jacketing cutout errors during installation, provides long-term water & fugitive emissions proof seal, and largest holding power in industry.